Handloom Silk Ikat Sarees

Silk Ikat Sarees

Handloom Silk Ikat Sarees

As textiles do not last well through history, scholars have so far been unable to determine where the technique of silk ikat sarees originated. Nevertheless, 

some parts of Asia demonstrates strong ikat traditions which suggest its possible origin; The historical record indicates that there were types of atlas during Qing occupation. 

they are Maritime Southeast Asia, Indian subcontinent and Central Asia. However, it probably developed in several different locations independently, 

since silk ikat sarees was known to be produced in several pre-Columbian Central and South American cultures. There were these silk ikat sarees in the bride’s dowry, and the people who had bought these fabrics were rich. 

Silk Ikat Sarees is a weaving style common to many world cultures. It is probably one of the oldest forms of textile decoration. However, it is most prevalent in Indonesia, India, and Japan. In South America, Central and North America, 

Vastrakala Silk ikat Sarees are still common in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Mexico, respectively. 

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